CompuTrak Standard or Network Install                                           

CompuTrak Install and Setup

Date Requirements:
Computer System Dates must be identical on all computers. i.e.
English(Canadian) or English(United States).
English(United States) requires the short date to be m/d/yy.
English(Canadian) requires the short date to be d/m/yy.

Run SQL Server Configuration Manager on the server:
Copy the CompuTrakData folder from the workstation to your server and share it (full control).
    a.    Set network configuration protocols. (Shared Memory, Named Pipes & TCP/IP must be enabled)
    b.   Change browser to automatic.
    c.    Restart SQL Server and exit SQL Server Configuration Manager.
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Run SQL Server Management Studio Express:
    a.  Attach the database on the server and rename to remove any path info. (The name must be COMPUTRAKDB.MDF)
    b.  Set permissions. (Update, Select, Insert, Execute, Delete, Create procedure, Create function, Create table, Connect &  Alter schema   must be checked)
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Access Denied error

Attach to your Network Server

Required Files Location

Be sure to view the Help Files.