Micro Computer Systems Work Order / Invoice
515 Kim Drive  
Fort Collins CO 8052580112  
Ph 970-493-6886303-799-0079  
Fx 970-239-7026  
For: Date: 11/28/18 11:37:36 AM
Bilbo Baggins  
515 kim Drive W/O No. > 11632
Fort Collins CO 80525 A/C Type > BELL 407
970-493-6886 Reg. No. > N123BB
  Serial No. > 53249
  Total Time > 14856
Requirement > 15,000 Hr Inspection        
  Description     Amount
Labor Charges(see attached listing)       15033.75
Parts and Materials(see attached listing)     155449.15
Miscellaneous Charges(see attached listing)     20769.39
MyState State Sales Tax(Oil, Grease, Fuel, Filter, Wash Mat)      
Parts and Materials, Non-Taxable Included Above     231.76
If other than C.O.D.,  
total amount due within 10 days Sub Total     191252.29
any amount unpaid within this period Sales Tax 3%   4656.52
will be subject to a 2% per month Amount Due     195908.81
interest charge beginning on the  
date of invoice.  
The Aircraft and/or Component(s) All new and used parts listed
identified on this work order herein have been manufactured and
was repaired and inspected in maintained to the manufacturers
accordance with current Federal specifications and standards as
Aviation Regulations and was approved by the Federal Aviation
found to be in the following Administration.
[������� ]Airworthy���� [������� ] Unairworthy  
Mechanic: ______________________________ ������������������������� Inspector: ______________________________